A Public Health Framework

I have a plan for hospitals in our region:

  • I will fight to fix the broken process for building new hospitals in Georgia
  • I will advocate to use Georgia’s surplus to bring quality healthcare back to our region after recent attrition
  • I will stand up to Georgia’s hospital industry and lobbyists. I’m calling the industry out right now and bringing light to the disgraced lack of healthcare in our region
  • I will take practical steps like allowing physician-owned, university-owned, and HBCU-owned surgery centers that feature multiple specialists

I am demanding affordable healthcare for our communities:

  • I will work to expand medicaid in Georgia and demand that all Georgians have access to adequate healthcare
  • Access to healthcare should be equitable across all racial, economic and demographic lines

Economic Development

The state must do more to bring quality development and jobs to our region. We must guard our residential neighborhoods from improper zoning, predatory rental properties and misguided development. I have heard from our neighbors, and we all want smart, safe, clean communities. 

District 65 must use future-forward technologies like electric vehicles, solar energy, blockchain technology and cybersecurity to upgrade the state’s grid and capabilities. Let’s become an information technology hub! Computer Science, STEM, IT and Skilled Trade training programs are also needed.

  1. Investing in our Infrastructure
  • I support funding for widening of roads and using traffic calming options to improve congested traffic
  • I support funding and implementing streetlight masterplans throughout the region
  • I support funding the installation of sidewalks near schools to promote safe routes for our children
  1. Improving Facilities, Amenities and Technology
  • I support building partnerships to enhance State parks in our district
  • I support investing in public gardens, community gardens and “pocket parks”
  • District 65 is largely comprised of residential neighborhoods. We must make sure our communities and neighborhood associations are empowered and funded to upgrade and add amenities that make District 65 a premier place to live
  • I support creating a more mobile district by investing in on-demand public transportation services to support our residents’ options to travel throughout our region


As a proud product of public schools, I am an advocate for quality of education in our district.  I’ve had the opportunity to attend some of the premiere colleges and universities in the country.  I want all our children to have the same opportunity: 

  • I oppose special interests groups who want to take money from public schools and send it to private schools and charter schools that don't have proper oversight and that rally even open their doors in our communities
  • It’s time to prioritized public education and equip our students with forward-facing skills.  We can enrich our students in the classroom and beyond 
  • We need to hire more public school teachers and pay them better. I support increasing the minimum public school teacher salary in the state from 42,000 a year to over 50,000
  • By hiring more public school teachers we lower class sizes and relieve overcrowding for our students
  • I support expanding access to childcare and Georgia's Pre-K to ensure our children have the start the deserve in live
  • I support extending HOPE Grant eligibility and making college accessible and affordable for all
  • I support skilled-trade, information technology and cybersecurity training to upskill our public school students

Voting Rights, Redistricting and Voter Suppression

I will continue to stand against attacks on civil rights and voting rights in Georgia and beyond:

  • I am calling for the repeal of Georgia's restrictive voting laws and attempts to block fair access to the ballot
  • I support third-party redistricting as a way to prevent the partisan maps we are witnessing this year
  • I am calling for Election Day to be a state holiday in Georgia
  • I will fight to protect the integrity of our elections and combat attempts to disproportionately prevent minority applicants from registering to vote