Meet Robert

Meet Robert

My life and education have been dedicated to service and community. Born and raised next door in Birmingham, Alabama, I grew up in the battleground city of the Civil Rights Movement. Surrounded by this legacy, I became engaged and involved in community service at a young age. I got my start in public service as the Chairman of Youth for Mothers Against Violence. During this time, we were instrumental in raising funds for Birmingham area youth to attend political rallies around the country. I published articles early on warning of the threat of gun violence that now haunts our communities.


In a professional capacity, I have experience working in the public and private sectors, including the United States House of Representatives as a Staff Writer. I work as a consultant and subject-matter expert in the finance and information technology fields. As a consultant, I have used my experience to consult major entities, including BCD Travel, Xerox, Time, Inc., The New York City Department of Health, and The University of Alabama.

Giving Back

Beyond my professional obligations, I have strived to stay active in the communities I call home. I wrote one of the first United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Hope 6 grants, successfully securing $100,000+ in funding for public housing tenant training and a community garden that remains in the community even after the demolition of the housing complex it replaced! I have also written other pro bono grants including a grant from CVS for A. G. Gaston Junior High School and grant from CVS for the Alabama School of Fine Arts. I am a dedicated supporter of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities. I have had the privilege of developing art programming at Morehouse College, Alabama AM University, Alabama State University, Tuskegee University, Morris Brown College, and others.

Servant Leader

In District 65, I continue to mentor youth, support local schools, and recently served on the City of South Fulton Zoning Board of Appeals where I was a watchdog protecting the best interests of our neighbors. I am a 2024 Post Seat holder for the Fulton County Democrats and I serve on the Executive Committee of the South Fulton Democrats.


I earned my MFA from Bennington College. I also hold degrees from Sarah Lawrence College and Harvard University.